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We are always open for partnership and collaboration to empower the future generation with premier digital literacy skills

Partner with Owlnext Edu

Whether you’re an agency, organization, or a school—or you’re responsible for the education of the future—we’d love to support your work. Join us to empower the next generation of modern applications—upgrade the future skills and implemented to the next generation.

Future Proof Your Company By Having Web VR in Your Website

Owlnext Edu has the expertise team to help you to transform your static website to be immersive and more exciting with the implementation of Web VR in your website. This will allow your clients to view your page with whole new experience and make your website exceptional.

Partner With Us And Upgrade Your Employees Or Students Skills

We have created a number of modules that has been proven to be effective in increasing the digital literacy of employees and students. They will learn to create 3D designs, mobile apps and virtual reality content. You can collaborate to make a bootcamp or training and we will handle the course for you throughout the day. All the of the modules are tailored based on our audiences and we are sure everyone will enjoy it.

Innovate Your School System With Our Learning Management System (LMS)

Our learning management system is tailored based on our clients need. We offer the capability of digitalizing everything in the school from attendance, books to their homework. The value of the learning management system is designed to make everything easier and manageable. No more papers especially on attendance taking, all are automated in the learning management system.

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